and sometimes it works….

Following on from my previous blog…sometimes the experimentation pays off.

I was curious about a material that Jean (Mrs C) uses to make her hats ( It has a very rough texture and I wondered what it would be like to paint on so I stole a few pieces when she wasn’t looking in case my ‘experiment’ didn’t work (I think the stuff’s expensive).  I partially stuck it to a board and then gessoed it, when it dried and hardened I attacked it with oil, because the fabric is so rough it takes a lot of paint to fill the material and it’s really hard on brushes. What I really like is the rough texture and the tactile finish it creates. I’ve painted a few different images testing the suitability of the surface and so far I’m happy with the result. I conjured up this sad little girl while exploring my new substrate, the bottom left and top right of the mesh isn’t stuck to the board to add a little extra interest to the painting. I hope you like it.

Rua - oil on mesh and board 26x30cm


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