Mature Artist seeks ‘White Knight’.

'Mature Artist' seeks 'White Knight'

For too long this weight’s been sitting on my head, tugging at my brain and crapping all over my aspirations. But then, as they say – “give a pigeon a perch and shit follows'”…!

You see, over the past couple of months I’ve come to realise that the outcome of this quest of mine to ‘follow the Dream’ and eke out an living as a ‘professional artist’ is sadly looking quite bleak and the hollow call of commerce is echoing louder and louder in my ears as the financial well runs dry. I’ve discovered that ‘Art’ and ‘Recession’ aren’t good bedmates. Also, my journey has forced my dear dependents to feast on the fruit of my ambition – which frequently has bellies rumbling (and bankers grumbling!).

Personally I don’t have any overwhelming desire to amass a fortune (…wouldn’t say no to it though!), after all ‘money’ doesn’t guarantee ‘happiness’ does it? Having said that I’d prefer to be rich and unhappy, than poor and unhappy! I’m now of the opinion that the ‘destitute artist’ concept is better suited to the young passionate artist who spits in the face of wealth and decadence (in other words they’ve probably feck all debts!). Destitution is not really suitable for the more ‘mature of age’ artist who’s efforts to soar are quickly grounded by historical (hysterical) financial constraints such as the “lets buy a house in Enniskerry” massive mortgage, or the “have to have” life, health, house, motor insurances….etcetera, etcetera, et-bleeding-cetera!

I’ve got to admit that I’ve revelled in my successes (Sineád’s album cover being well up on the list) and have basked in the praise I’ve received for my paintings since I embarked on this quest in 2008. I could be busy 24/7 exploring the vast landscape of art, making up for all the years I was riding the corporate bus. I could live out the rest of my days on the meagre earnings from paint, brush and imagination – couldn’t be happier. However bill’s must be paid and the Condron clan need to survive.

The old faithful ‘self portrait’ is a great conduit for self-assessment. It forces you to look at yourself both technically and emotionally – your expression, your mood and especially your thoughts. You study yourself through the ‘intimate’ eyes of a third party and your obedient hand translates what they see – and those eyes never lie. That’s when I first discovered the pigeon! I’d primed the canvas, mixed my paints and was poised with the brush – then I looked in the mirror and saw the problem – a big fat pigeon perched on my head and judging from its size and how ‘at home’ it seemed I guessed it had been there for quite a while and wasn’t in any hurry to leave….plus it was talking “follow the dream and starve the family, or follow the finance and go back to work” and that’s all it kept saying – over and over and over…..!

Then it happened, the ‘eureka’ moment… A few nights later while simultaneously painting the aforementioned portrait, contemplating my dilemma and sipping a glass of cheap shiraz, the head under the arse of the spewing bird looked at me straight in the eye and said “kid, you and me, we need to get out from under this shit – we need help, we need a hero? Then the flare exploded and illuminated the studio, and the pigeon shit itself…a hero…a patron…a WHITE KNIGHT!!”. The answer was there – all we needed was a ‘White Knight’ – a Patron of the arts, a Philanthropist – If it was good enough for daVinci it’s good enough for de Condron (ouch!). I’ll advertise on the great ‘world wide web’……

‘Mature Artist urgently seeks White Knight’.

Mature ’emerging’ artist (has own pigeon) with an evolving portfolio, proven ability and a passion to ‘follow the Dream’ seeks astute ‘White Knight’ (patron/philanthropist) with vision and a generous purse, for ‘professional’ long term relationship. I want to immerse myself in an exploration of ‘art’ and unearth my full creative potential without the limiting constraints of finance and its stifling consequence. You can enjoy the satisfaction that your financial support and trust can bring my aspirations to fruition and make that ‘Dream’ a reality! Put your ‘resources’ in my ‘art’ – let’s eat the pigeon…and continue this adventure together. I need your patronage. Contact or visit to see more!

Addendum: I think I’ll update my CV too (and continue to invest in the ‘Lotto’) and cover all the odds…and if my White Knight doesn’t come galloping over the hill and ‘the Dream’ needs to be shelved for a few years…well if so…so be it!


About Neil Condron

Nationality: Irish Occupation: Artist & Design consultant Studio: Enniskerry, Co Wicklow As a Designer: I’m an experienced design professional with demonstrated managerial success in evaluating, designing, developing and delivering corporate and product branding projects. I have Thirty-five years experience in the advertising and graphic design industries as a design practitioner and twenty three of those years as owner/manager of one of Ireland’s leading brand design companies Xmi design (formerly Marketing Image) employing, directing and training over 150 staff within that period. Proven creative skills in brand intuition, devising creative strategy, concept generation, design technologies, photographic direction and digital/print management. Proven management skills as managing director of xmi, in leadership, financial management, operations management, new business development, key client management, projects management, process and operational procedures development, needs analysis and training evaluation. Proven interpersonal skills as mentor, minder, motivator and confessor and always letting the client take the credit for a good idea. Proven track record having worked with the best in Irish business over three decades alongside some of our best creative talent - with industry accolades to prove it. As an Artist: My first recollection of my interest in painting was at the age of 10 when I won a prize for designing and painting a Christmas card in school. I loved both the art and the accolade - I was hooked. Regretfully I never made it to art college, instead I deployed my creativity in the commercial design world for over thirty years. Sporadically, as time would allow, I continued to paint and explore various mediums and styles. The great ‘epiphany’ occurred in 2008 when the arse fell out of my commercial world and the realisation that ‘tempus fugit’ is a reality. The need to paint became all-consuming – so I decided, much to the bewilderment of my worried family and the despair of my bank manager, to follow the dream. My philosophy - Life’s an adventure, what happens next is anyones guess, so enjoy the moment – without being a total idiot! View all posts by Neil Condron

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