A portrait of 4 pooches

…..introducing – Meadow, Freddie, Hollie and Roger. I’ve just finished a commission of 4 dogs painted with soft pastel. Emma, their proud owner, saw my painting of my boxer Zeus in the window of my pop-up-gallery in Enniskerry (still there) and commissioned me to do a ‘family painting’ of her 4 adorable ‘babies’. She gave the thumbs up at the unveiling in my studio today so they’ve gone off to be framed. My very stressed framer lives in fear of framing my pastels (try saying that after a couple of glasses of wine!) – I don’t like to spray any fixative, so it’s a very delicate operation.

I guess this could open the doors for more Pet Portraits…what a market – dogs, cats, budgies, gerbils, goldfish…endless!


I hope you like it.


4 pooches - pastel


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2 responses to “A portrait of 4 pooches

  • Barbara

    You’re good at these 🙂 I can’t imagine these 4 sitting still like this for even a second! Did you have to combine lots of photos to get them all so close together?

  • Neil Condron

    Thanks Barbara, actually…I just said “sit” and the four of them had a brief discussion about who’d sit where and then they arranged themselves – I said “cats” and they all smiled, except Holly (spoilt) for the camera….simple….!


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