Arabella and Bentley – oil on canvas

'Arabella' oil on canvas 60x60cm

‘Arabella’ by Condron – oil on canvas 60x60cm

'Bentley' by Condron - oil on canvas 60x60cm

‘Bentley’ by Condron – oil on canvas 60x60cm

Two of my recently commissioned portraits landed in Australia today – sister and brother Arabella and Bentley. A pair of ‘free-range kids‘ as their lovely mother lovingly describes them.

I always get attached to the people I am painting and miss them when the painting is finished, especially with children’s portraits – the next time you see them they’re all grown up!

…new subject, fresh canvas…off I go…lovin’ it!


2 responses to “Arabella and Bentley – oil on canvas

  • Felisity Cullen-Molloy

    Hello I was wondering how much would a beautiful painting like these cost please?
    Many thanks Felisity.

    • Neil Condron

      hi Felisity, many thanks for the compliment and the enquiry. Please accept my apologies for not replying much much sooner, I only just spotted your enquiry. If it’s not too late….a portrait in oil similar to Arabella and Bentley would be in the region of €2,500 (unframed). A pastel portrait similar to Ezras would be €1000 framed. Included is a photo session of the child in my studio or I can work from a supplied photograph (providing it’s a suitable reference).

      Please email me if you would like any other information. I promise I’ll respond quicker next time.



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