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Well I’ve been a busy boy since my last blog…..

For about a year I’ve had my eye on the old schoolhouse in Enniskerry village with the idea that it would make an incredible venue for ‘all things art’ and after a bit of nudging, pestering and veiled threats I eventually got my hands on it in August…

…introducing –

SfA logo colour

The Schoolhouse for Art is in essence an educational facility for the study and exploration of arts

and crafts. Located in ‘the old schoolhouse’ in beautiful Enniskerry village, it is a place for learning,

an exhibition space and a meeting place, where images and ideas mingle. It caters for all ages and

all artistic abilities.

For the whole story and class/workshop details have a click on us



I looked out my…

I looked out my window this morning and saw Enniskerry in the Sun’s warm embrace, I couldn’t stop staring, I think they’ll go all the way! 

Thanks everyone….especially Sineád

Thanks everyone for all the kind words about my painting ‘upon small shoulders‘ and the ‘fame’ status it’s achieving. At last after what seemed like an eternity Sineád’O’Connor‘s album ‘How about I be me (and you be you?)‘ is on the shelves and getting incredible reviews. I still can’t get over seeing my work spread all over the globe albeit on the back of Sineád’s success. When she initially approached me I was more impressed that ‘Sineád O’Connor’ was buying my painting than the exposure I’d get being associated with her album. She seemed demure and totally ordinary when I met her first, I was expecting a bit of a ‘diva’ and was blindsided by how totally unaffected she was. Typically my mouth detached from my brain and I went into verbal autopilot. Herself and her lovely daughter Roisin were examining the painting while I was trying to act unfazed and appear like a self-confident artist – I failed on both counts! Don’t you wish you could reshoot those awkward moments. Over the past six months since we first met I’ve had occasional bursts of communication with Sineád, I’ve also watched her highs and desperate lows and worried about her ability to cope with the pressure that she was under.

I saw Sineád perform in the Olympia in Dublin with my daughter Lana (Roisin was one of the backing vocalists) her concert was both emotional and powerful, we were totally blown away. I knew then that her album…our album…would be huge….thanks Sineád, love you.


did I happen to mention…….

OK form an orderly queue…..IT’S IN YOUR LOCAL RECORD STORE…..!!!!

I’ve been waiting to have this in my hands for months…it’s been worth the wait!

In case you missed one of my many ego stroking posts here or on Facebook (where have you been for the last few months?) – the cover painting of Sinéad’s CD is ‘upon small shoulders’ by yours truly 🙂
Do I have limited edition prints did I hear you say……well as it happens…I do!

Scouts honor, ‘bragging rights’ will be wound down – eventually!


Graham wasn’t as wrong as we thought…

Following on from my last post – the mystery is solved – I was reliably informed that the album cover that Graham Norton had was in fact a sleeve (slip case) with Sinéad O’Connor’s pic on it . Seemingly the sleeve is going on her CDs in Europe. The nice people in the US won’t have a sleeve and will have my painting on view. Dito for the vinyl album too. So for my followers out there in Europeland don’t fret if you can’t instantly see my painting, it’s still there – sure I’ll email the seven of you personally!

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Sinead O’Connor on The Graham Norton Show…..

I have to say – I nearly crapped myself…there was me waiting to see Graham Norton holding Sinéad O’Connor’s new album in his little hands showing the world ‘my creation’, next of all he’s holding a cd with an entirely different cover….for a second I thought she’d changed the cover design!!? After all the hype (mostly created by me!) about my painting ‘upon small shoulders‘ on the cover I thought I was going to have a lot of explaining to do…..phew!

Graham…love your show, but jeeez I could have done without that…..!

As for Sinéad – wow that girl can sing.

Graham Norton's Blooper

Graham Norton's Blooper

Frog sandwich!

I took this shot last night.

It’s that time of the year in my fishpond when all the local frogs gather for a week of frog fun and frolic, they only do it once a year and it lasts a week – sound familiar? Seemingly if there are no females around the boys go for each other and failing that the goldfish become fair game!  The ‘filling’ doesn’t look too happy though does she? Not sure if the goldfish is a voyer or a neighbour complaining about the noise?

Frog Sandwich

Frog Sandwich

In the bloginning…

Apologies for the title – couldn’t resist it, anyhow it probably acts as a warning – ‘toe curling cheesy content ahead’! Welcome to my very first post on my very first blog. The reality at this point is that ‘you’ are probably one of a very small minority, possibly just you in fact, which in a way makes this ‘blogging business’ a little more intimate and less intimidating. I contemplated getting ‘blogging’ tips, terms, to-dos and definitely not to-dos, however because that would definitely screw up my brain I decided ‘to hell with it’ I’ll just go for it. I’ve no mission to save the world – not at this stage anyway and as I’m not extreme politically, morally, or any other type of ‘ally’ I don’t have anything too serious to impart.

the artist and the apple - both homegrown

I suppose the reason we’re having this one sided conversation results from external pressure from enthusiastic supporters of my ‘art’ who strongly advised that I needed to ‘up the ante’ and raise my profile by facebooking, blogging and tweeting (think I’ll skip the tweeting)….so here we are!

Apologies in advance for typos, dodgy grammer and the occasional lack of concentration. I’ll blame the combination of a Christian Brother education (perhaps more on that later) and the aging process (accelerated by a fondness for a glass of wine or two!). I’d also like to acknowledge my assistant ‘auto spellcheck’ for its ongoing support, it’s incredible how spellcheck still ‘gives a damn’ I’m constantly waiting for a message to appear saying “How many times do I have to spell this?“. That coupled with a retarded three finger typing technique makes blogging less than fluid.

I also suppose in this litigious era I should also warn of occasional ‘nudity’ – no need for excited anticipation though, I’m an artist not a sex fiend…well most of the time! I’m also prone to the occasional outburst of profanity. Does that mean that if you are under 18 you should go away…? Probably.

I decided on Februrary the 1st an my inaugural blog for two reasons – I’ll be 56 on the 13th (that statement feels surreal – tempus fugit!) a good time for something new to do, but more importantly Sinéad O’Connor’s new album ‘How about I be me (and you be you?)‘ is being released at the end of the month. As well as the fact that it’s great that this long awaited album is about to be launched, more importantly (for me) it’s going to propel me into fame and fortune – oh ye of little faith!! My claim to fame, or more accurately, my claim to Ms. O’Connor’s album is the fact that my painting ‘upon small shoulders‘ is featured on the album cover.

As I’m sitting here in my studio doing my three finger typing I’ve got a warm, nervous churning in my stomach, and a self-satisfied, almost smug ‘well aren’t I the dogs bollix?’ grin on my face…reminiscent of my ‘expectant father’ days….nervous but nice…Sinéad’s album, my art…can’t wait!

That’s enough for day 1 – my canvas is calling!

How About I be Me (and you be you?)

Sinéad O'Connors latest album.