Time-lapse of Giacomo’s portrait.


This is my first attempt of doing time-lapse of my pastel portraits as I’m working. You can see it on ‘YouTube’ –  http://youtu.be/pGQFvpN5Yd0 I hope you like it.

My painting gets a mention in the Metro

Delighted to be told that my recent painting ‘Subjects of Debate’ was featured in today’s Metro Herald.

Subjects for Debate - Metro 

Giacomo -in pastel


This is a recent commissioned portrait of Giacomo (his dad’s Italian) he is only 6 months old believe it or not. I took a load reference photos in my studio – it’s difficult to get a child to sit for a pose and impossible for a baby to stay still. I painted his portrait using soft pastel which I think works really well in achieving the subtle skin tones in such a flawless face.

I took photos of the painting as it progressed from start to finish so when I’ve edited it a bit I’ll stick it on youtube, some of you might be interested in seeing how I paint in pastel.

Now for the sales pitch – If you are interested in a portrait in pastel (€750 – same as Giacomo‘s portrait) or oil (from €1,000) give me a shout before I become ridiculously famous and extraordinarily expensive…!! Email me at condron.ie@gmail.com


A Scibbidy doodle

One of my youngest son Scott’s doodles – college student, part-time cartoonist and professor of lateral thinking!

I love this concept…….




Self-portrait Sky bound

The obligatory self-portrait was completed in the early hours this morning to meet the deadline for the ‘Sky Arts portrait artist of the year‘ competition (stage 1).

I actually think I look as exhausted as I felt trying to get it finished….phew glad that’s done!

It’s great that portraiture and portrait artists will get some much-needed media, I hope the ‘Sky Arts portrait artist of the year’ will be a great success.

Self portrait '13 master

‘Subjects of Debate’ in Gallery Zozimus


The intention of this life-size painting is to reflect the contentious nature of the abortion legislation rather than to represent ether side of the debate. However, it does represent the subjects around whom the debate rotates. Initially I left the painting untitled however having given it much thought  I believe that the title ‘Subjects of Debate‘ perfectly captures the essence of my concept and the public scrutiny and vulnerability of the protagonists. My aspiration for ‘Subjects of Debate‘ is that it acts as a future reminder of the debate itself, and reflects this period of Ireland’s constitutional evolution.

I’m delighted to let you know that ‘Subjects of Debate‘ is currently on view in Gallery Zozimus Francis Street, Dublin 8 (enquiries; Vincent (003531) 453 9057 info@galleryzozimus.ie)

I spent weeks deliberating over a title for this painting. I wanted something that would properly reflect the different aspects of the subject and its Irish connotations. Eventually when I thought I had an appropriate title I showed the painting and the proposed title to a friend I admire as a gifted wordsmith…she suggested that I should let the painting speak for itself. I took her advice.

The inspiration for this painting, like my first 7×3 painting ‘upon small shoulders‘, was drawn from issues, controversies and injustices that currently prevail in Irish society. The  intention of the painting is to represent an ongoing debate not to infer an opinion.

I am indebted to my inspirational model who gave birth to her beautiful baby just two weeks after she posed for this painting. I’m filled with admiration for her self-assurance, and selfless generosity.





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Lotto typo – I was right…..

Well my suspicion that the Irish Lotto made a major clanger last Saturday (6th April) was right. It would appear that a ‘9′ was transposed when the balls were being printed and ended up as a ‘6′ ON THE ‘9’ BALL however as everything is supposed to be ‘squeaky clean’ and overseen, balls weighed and checked…how did this get by all the scrutinisers?
I was in the design business for years and ‘typos’ were an occupational hazard. We had to compensate to the tune of almost €20,000 on one occasion because of a typo on a Dublin legal firms advertisement. The job was only worth a couple of hundred  euro to us for preparing the artwork – however it was our mistake…! I wonder how much this blunder will cost the Lotto (or the taxpayer!)

The following was the eventual reply to my post on Irish National Lottery ‘facebook’ page.

Lotto 'typo' clanger

The even bigger question – how long has that ball been in use?
….now where have I put all my old tickets….!


Irish lotto error (clanger!)

Lotto clanger tonight….firstly the wrong numbers showed up on the top of the screen but then after a ‘recap’ when number 9 was called out – look what we spotted….the ball has 2 number 9’s and one number 6…….???? And to top it all they didn’t show all the winning numbers at the end of the programme….someone’s head’s going to roll!

Did someone say scam?

Lotto-balls Lotto-ball

A portrait of 4 pooches

…..introducing – Meadow, Freddie, Hollie and Roger. I’ve just finished a commission of 4 dogs painted with soft pastel. Emma, their proud owner, saw my painting of my boxer Zeus in the window of my pop-up-gallery in Enniskerry (still there) and commissioned me to do a ‘family painting’ of her 4 adorable ‘babies’. She gave the thumbs up at the unveiling in my studio today so they’ve gone off to be framed. My very stressed framer lives in fear of framing my pastels (try saying that after a couple of glasses of wine!) – I don’t like to spray any fixative, so it’s a very delicate operation.

I guess this could open the doors for more Pet Portraits…what a market – dogs, cats, budgies, gerbils, goldfish…endless!


I hope you like it.


4 pooches - pastel