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My Schoolhouse for Art project is growing steadily

SfA logo colour

As a result of an insane amount of work and huge support from family, friends and fellow artists, the Schoolhouse for Art is growing steadily – needless to say we need lots more ‘bums on seats’…..!

Listed below are the Schoolhouse for Art 2014 1st term Classes & Workshops. We are currently looking at additional courses to add to our extensive prospectus and will be updating this page regularly.

Simply click on the course description link for full course details and registration form.

Schoolhouse for Art – therapy for the imagination.


WatercolourExploring Watercolour – 4 week blocks (Thursday Afternoons) Yanny Petters. €140

WatercolourDrawing & Painting ‘Spring’ – 4 week blocks (Saturday Afternoons) Yanny Petters. €140

WatercolourWatercolour Taster Day – 1 day workshop (Saturday 18th Jan.) Yanny Petters. €80

WatercolourDrawing & Painting from Nature – 1 day workshop (Saturday 25th Jan.) Yanny Petters. €80

Oil PaintingAbstract Oil – 4 week blocks (Saturday Mornings/Tuesday Afternoons) Michael Gemmel. €140

Oil & WatercolourThe Landscape – 4 week blocks (Tuesday Afternoons/Evenings) Michael McWilliams. €100

Painting & Drawing: Beginner/Intermediate – 4 week blocks (Wednesday Mornings/Thursday Evenings) Dave Flynn. €100

Pastels (chalk)Exploring Pastels – 1 day workshop (Saturday 18th Jan.) Neil Condron. €60

Pastels (chalk)Exploring Pastels – 4 week blocks (Friday 24th Jan.) Neil Condron. €100


Life Drawing, The Basic Anatomy – 1 day workshop (Saturday 8th Feb.) Sahoko Blake. €70

Long Pose Life Drawing – 4 week blocks (Saturday Afternoons) Conall McCabe. €120

Life Drawing Thursdays – (untutored) – 1 day sessions (Thursdays weekly) Untutored. €35

Life Drawing for beginners (tutored) – 6 week blocks (Thursdays Evenings) Neil Condron €120

Drawing a Portrait – 1 day workshop (Saturday 22nd March) David Begley. €70


WoodcarvingAn Introduction to Woodcarving – 4 weeks (Tuesday Evenings) Con Gent. €140

Clay HeadClay Head Sculpting Stage 1 – 4 weeks (Wednesday Mornings) Paul Flynn. €100

Clay HeadClay Head Sculpting Stage 2 – 4 weeks (Wednesday Afternoons) Paul Flynn. €130

Mosaic: Mosaic Crafting – 4 weeks (Friday Mornings) David Wilcoxson. €120


FeltingFelt Scarf/Neck Cowel – Half day workshop (Sun. 26th & Tues. 28th Jan.) Joanna Kidney €40

FeltingFelt Wrist warmer/Vessel – Half day workshop (Sun. 9th & Tues. 11th Feb.) Joanna Kidney €30

FeltingFelt Slippers – 1 day workshop (Sun. 23rd & Tues. 25th Feb.) Joanna Kidney €65

FeltingNuno Felting Scarf/Neck Cowel – Half day workshop (Sun. 23rd & Tues. 25th Mar.) Joanna Kidney €40

FeltingExploration in Felt – 5 weeks (Wednesday Eve.) OR 4 weeks (Thursday Morn.) Joanna Kidney €120

Hat MakingIntroduction to Sinamay Fascinators – 1 day workshop (Sunday 16th February) Jean Condron €130

BookbindingFundamentals & personal project  realisation – 4 weeks (Wed. Afternoons) Laurie le Grand €120

PrintingDrypoint, Monotype & Blind Printing – 1 day workshop (Saturday 22nd Mar.) Hanneke Van Ryswyk. €70

Silkscreen Printing (to be confirmed).

Stain glass Painting (to be confirmed).

Ceramics (to be confirmed).


Shooting Digital – 3 weeks (Sunday Mornings) Michelle Owen €90


Introduction to Art History (Major Artists and Movements  from Antiquity to Modern Art) – 4 week blocks (Wednesday Evenings) Laurie le Grand €90


Life Drawing Sessions – Monthly (Friday Evenings) Sahoko Blake €20

Portfolio Preparation – 3 weeks (Sunday Afternoons) Michelle Owen €90

Transition Year Workshops/courses & work experience  (to be confirmed).

Children’s Art Classes

(to be confirmed).

Booking a Course;

All classes and workshops must be registered online at http://www.schoolhouseforart.com. Fee payment options are indicated. All fees must be paid in full in advance to secure a place. A materials list will be sent to you on enrolment and students must provide their own materials, except where specified.

Please note;

Schoolhouse for Art (SfA) class/workshop dates and times may be altered, please refer to our website when booking. SfA reserves the right to terminate a class which has ceased to be viable. Classes are restricted to limited numbers and may be age restricted. See our website for all terms and conditions.

GIFT VOUCHERS may be purchased online.

I decided to paint digitally at ‘Life Drawing Thursdays’ in the Schoolhouse for Art.

Digital AlicJa


I decided to give ‘digital’ a go at last Thursday’s life drawing session in the Schoolhouse for Art . I was shown an app called ‘Paper’ by my youngest son Scott (who uses it to great effect) and had a few initial hesitant ‘attempts’ however I have to admit I’m really enjoying it. It’s very basic but also very clever and simple to use.

If digital’s good enough for David Hockney – it’s good enough for me…..!

Life Drawing in the Schoolhouse for Art – all day – every Thursdayany medium!

My painting gets a mention in the Metro

Delighted to be told that my recent painting ‘Subjects of Debate’ was featured in today’s Metro Herald.

Subjects for Debate - Metro 

Self-portrait Sky bound

The obligatory self-portrait was completed in the early hours this morning to meet the deadline for the ‘Sky Arts portrait artist of the year‘ competition (stage 1).

I actually think I look as exhausted as I felt trying to get it finished….phew glad that’s done!

It’s great that portraiture and portrait artists will get some much-needed media, I hope the ‘Sky Arts portrait artist of the year’ will be a great success.

Self portrait '13 master

‘Subjects of Debate’ in Gallery Zozimus


The intention of this life-size painting is to reflect the contentious nature of the abortion legislation rather than to represent ether side of the debate. However, it does represent the subjects around whom the debate rotates. Initially I left the painting untitled however having given it much thought  I believe that the title ‘Subjects of Debate‘ perfectly captures the essence of my concept and the public scrutiny and vulnerability of the protagonists. My aspiration for ‘Subjects of Debate‘ is that it acts as a future reminder of the debate itself, and reflects this period of Ireland’s constitutional evolution.

I’m delighted to let you know that ‘Subjects of Debate‘ is currently on view in Gallery Zozimus Francis Street, Dublin 8 (enquiries; Vincent (003531) 453 9057 info@galleryzozimus.ie)

A portrait of Barry

While recently visiting my Brother Barry in beautiful Zagreb, I painted his portrait as a thank you for a much appreciated break away from a stressful little Ireland. Naturally I also leisurely visited every gallery and exhibition in the city taking regular breaks for fresh coffee, sitting under a glowing heater, watching the snowflakes and the beautiful Croatians drift by – sometimes life can be pretty perfect.

Barry (oil on canvas)

Barry (oil on canvas)


A pastel of Rebecca

This is a pastel portrait I painted of  beautiful little Rebecca, just a few weeks old and my first grandniece – I assume that means I’ve to admit that I’m getting old….!

‘Artist seeks White Knights Exhibition’



When Jean (aka ‘my other half’ or ‘hats by Jean‘) moved to her lovely new shop on the other side of Enniskerry village I thought it would be a pity to let her old shop stay empty at this time of year, so I turned it into a little gallery to exhibit some of my work. I decided to call it the ‘Artist seeks White Knights Exhibition’- I’m still hopeful that a white knight(s) with a wad of money will decide to invest a small fortune in ‘Art d’Condron’…! 

I’ll be in my gallery/studio from 10am to 6pm every day except Mondays (a little r&r time!) and till late on Wednesday. Hopefully doing a bit of painting there too.

Call in if you’re in the vicinity. I promise – no ‘heavy conversation’ or ‘hard sell’, however a little ‘bullshit’ is probable…!


‘Upon Small Shoulders’ raises €19,500 for ‘Penny Dinners’.

Sinéad O’Connor raised a staggering €34,000 for the charity ‘Penny Dinners‘ at Whyte’s art auction in the RDS last night (see her post).

Sinead’s put two of her paintings up for auction; a portrait of Sinéad as a child by Thomas Ryan and my ‘upon small shoulders’, they were lots 150 and 151, so it was a nerve-racking wait watching each of the preceding lots go under the hammer. Eventually ‘lot 500’ her portrait, was presented and bidding shot from the hundreds to thousands and was eventually sold for a magnificent €8,500 (I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the buyer after the event). Next up was ‘lot 151’ ‘upon small shoulders’ I could hardly breathe – then the biding took off eventually ending at an incredible €19,500 I was stunned. I’m hopeful to discover who the bidder was – I’d love to know where my painting’s new home will be. Sinead was understandably thrilled with the results and very generous with her praise for my painting.

A huge thanks needs to be given to Sinéad O’Connor for her unceasing selfless generosity, she is a most wonderful woman. She could have left her paintings hanging on her wall instead she decided to auction them to raise money for ‘Penny Dinners’.

Thanks to the new owner of ‘upon small shoulders’ for your benevolence and for liking my painting, I hope it will please the eye for many years. And congratulations to ‘Penny Dinners’ and the people under their care who are the deserving recipients of this wonderful success.

Thank you Sinéad, I’m indebted to you for your appreciation of my work and for giving ‘upon small shoulders’ and me a global audience. I’m very proud to know you.




I painted this emotive image as result of the recent tragic abduction of yet another innocent victim whose cries were unheard. I rendered it using pastel overlaying poem ‘God made little girls’ representing our misguided and fanciful perception that our children are safe from the living monsters that prowl on their innocence – the terrified child represents the tragic reality.

Spare a thought or a prayer for the all the missing children and their distraught families.

(The reference I used was from an anonymous photograph I found on the internet)