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Time-lapse of Giacomo’s portrait.


This is my first attempt of doing time-lapse of my pastel portraits as I’m working. You can see it on ‘YouTube’ –  http://youtu.be/pGQFvpN5Yd0 I hope you like it.


Giacomo -in pastel


This is a recent commissioned portrait of Giacomo (his dad’s Italian) he is only 6 months old believe it or not. I took a load reference photos in my studio – it’s difficult to get a child to sit for a pose and impossible for a baby to stay still. I painted his portrait using soft pastel which I think works really well in achieving the subtle skin tones in such a flawless face.

I took photos of the painting as it progressed from start to finish so when I’ve edited it a bit I’ll stick it on youtube, some of you might be interested in seeing how I paint in pastel.

Now for the sales pitch – If you are interested in a portrait in pastel (€750 – same as Giacomo‘s portrait) or oil (from €1,000) give me a shout before I become ridiculously famous and extraordinarily expensive…!! Email me at condron.ie@gmail.com


Self-portrait Sky bound

The obligatory self-portrait was completed in the early hours this morning to meet the deadline for the ‘Sky Arts portrait artist of the year‘ competition (stage 1).

I actually think I look as exhausted as I felt trying to get it finished….phew glad that’s done!

It’s great that portraiture and portrait artists will get some much-needed media, I hope the ‘Sky Arts portrait artist of the year’ will be a great success.

Self portrait '13 master

A portrait of 4 pooches

…..introducing – Meadow, Freddie, Hollie and Roger. I’ve just finished a commission of 4 dogs painted with soft pastel. Emma, their proud owner, saw my painting of my boxer Zeus in the window of my pop-up-gallery in Enniskerry (still there) and commissioned me to do a ‘family painting’ of her 4 adorable ‘babies’. She gave the thumbs up at the unveiling in my studio today so they’ve gone off to be framed. My very stressed framer lives in fear of framing my pastels (try saying that after a couple of glasses of wine!) – I don’t like to spray any fixative, so it’s a very delicate operation.

I guess this could open the doors for more Pet Portraits…what a market – dogs, cats, budgies, gerbils, goldfish…endless!


I hope you like it.


4 pooches - pastel

Zeus – portrait of my dog



The last dog I painted was a cocker spaniel ‘Kerry’ about 40 years ago, which is still hanging in my brother Barry’s house.  As painting became an occasional pastime for the following 35 years I never thought of having another stab at ‘canine portraiture’.

However having painted humans at all ages I decided to have a bit of fun with my pastels and paint one of my dogs (there could be some canine commissions out there?). Zeus is my lovable, loyal (he loves me to bits) and beautiful boxer. He’s getting on a bit in dog years and getting a bit grey around the edges but he still has a great figure – unlike his master!

A study in pastel

The result of a recent life drawing session.

Pastel on coloured paper (85 x 70cm).


A pastel of Rebecca

This is a pastel portrait I painted of  beautiful little Rebecca, just a few weeks old and my first grandniece – I assume that means I’ve to admit that I’m getting old….!



I painted this emotive image as result of the recent tragic abduction of yet another innocent victim whose cries were unheard. I rendered it using pastel overlaying poem ‘God made little girls’ representing our misguided and fanciful perception that our children are safe from the living monsters that prowl on their innocence – the terrified child represents the tragic reality.

Spare a thought or a prayer for the all the missing children and their distraught families.

(The reference I used was from an anonymous photograph I found on the internet)

Barrow Valley Artists workshop

I was invited by the Barrow Valley Artists in County Carlow to host a pastel workshop on Sunday (23rd Sept). I had a fantastic day working with a lovely group of very enthusiastic artists. I started with a chat about my pastel work, discussed the use of various materials and then followed with a short demonstration on how I approach pastel portraits. For the rest of the day the room was a rainbow of pastel dust as the Barrow Valley Artists painted ‘pastel mode’ with gusto.

I’m looking forward to going to their annual exhibition (not just pastels) on the 11th of October.